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We book mini, minor and major “Make-o-Fur” grooming services by appointment.  These services can take approximately 2-4 hrs (or longer), depending on the breed, coat, length and haircut style chosen. We can call when your pet is finished.

Note: Please understand that other daily interruptions not in our control, such as phone calls and walk-in services may also cause the grooming to take longer.


Please note that there are many variables in pet grooming that can determine our pricing structure.  These variables include: difficulty of cut, amount of scissor work, amount of brushing, degree of matting, disposition of the pet, drying time, length of hair, size of pet.  Therefore, the prices listed here are an estimate only.  After consultation with the grooming specialist we will be happy to provide you with a closer estimate on what to expect for your specific pets grooming needs.

*Please Note:

*Furology Paw Spa must confirm all online appointment requests via a phone call.

*Furology Paw Spa is closed on:

Sunday, Monday & every other Tuesday.

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